Unlimited users in all editions

Every edition of CompleteFTP can be used with an unlimited number of users. CompleteFTP grows with your business. As you require more users - you are able to add them at no extra cost. All editions include non-windows users which you can configure at your will. Additionally all of our paid editions include adding Windows users.

Adding, configuring and arranging user access

You can add, modify and delete users at will, and assign them to groups in order to keep tabs on the permissions which they are assigned as they access your server. CompleteFTP Professional and Enterprise MFT both support the Automatic Windows Users (AWU) feature. This allows the administrator to enable login of any Windows user (including AD users) without having to manually add the user to CompleteFTP's internal user list. It is a real admin time saver:

In our Professional and Enterprise MFT Editions you can also support users that are configured in an external database. If you choose Enterprise MFT, you can even configure gateway users or allow users to authenticate with Single Sign-on via SAML. Enterprise MFT also allows you to build your own custom authentication module.

All editions include non-windows users which you can configure as required.