Encryption at Rest (EAR)

Shoring up your defenses is not only vital in today’s IT world, but also having the tools to do so are a necessity. One such tool is CompleteFTP’s Encryption at Rest (EAR) capability. This optional configuration helps you to protect your data, not only in transit but also when stored on your server.

Automatically Encrypted

EAR is yet another great reason to choose our top of the range Enterprise Edition. Thanks to the flexibility of this setting you can choose to configure it site wide or specifically for certain users. All files transferred to your server for users who have EAR switched on, will be automatically encrypted as they are written onto the server file system. Users directly logged onto the server machine will not be able to decrypt the files. The encryption used is 128 bit AES. This is a powerful encryption tool which ensures security for your server and for your user’s files. Only admins will be able to decrypt the files using the SSH command line capability, and users who wish to read their files will have to download them.

Don’t miss out on a very effective encryption tool which is an incredibly powerful reason for choosing our CompleteFTP Enterprise Edition.

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