Encryption at Rest (EAR)

In today's world, encryption of company data is a necessity. Secure file transfer protocols such as SFTP are vital for encrypting your data 'on the wire' as it passes through networks, and possibly the Internet. However, just as important as securing your data in transit is securing your data when stored on your server. This means that if an attacker gains access to your server, your crucial data cannot be viewed or used. This is done by using CompleteFTP’s Encryption at Rest (EAR) capability.

Automatic Encryption

EAR is yet another great reason to choose our top of the range Enterprise Edition. All files transferred to your server for users who have EAR enabled will be automatically encrypted as they are written onto the server file system. Users directly logged onto the server machine will not be able to decrypt the files. The encryption used is 128 bit AES, which ensures security for your user’s files. Only administrators will be able to decrypt the files. When the files are downloaded by user with permission to access them, they are automatically decrypted, so as far as users are concerned, EAR is invisible.