Customer success stories

Listed below are accounts of how customers have been successfully using CompleteFTP to streamline their business processes. You can also view genuine, independent customer reviews at Capterra.

3 Italia

CompleteFTP was found to be the easiest secure FTP server solution to use, despite its many advanced features, and this represented the best value for money.


Strong security and innovative support for clustered SQL server environment sets CompleteFTP ahead in telecommunications.

An Australian insurance company

CompleteFTP automates insurance reporting processes without compromising security.


Delivering IT solutions in an industry where clients rely on consistent data transfer performance to meet corporate governance and regulatory compliance, CompleteFTP has become IntelliTeK’s tool of choice.

Enterprise Distributed Technologies

Yes, we use our own product for our customer portal! The portal is written in CompleteFTP’s server-side Javascript (JSS), and went live in December, 2015.


An independent review of CompleteFTP by an existing customer can be found here.