CompleteFTP automates insurance reporting processes without compromising security

Australia’s finance and insurance companies are under increasing pressure to streamline costs and improve customer experience in order to remain competitive. Embracing innovation, without compromising security, privacy or risking non-compliance is where the challenge lies.

Within this environment, one EnterpriseDT account has harnessed the advanced file transfer functionality of CompleteFTP to streamline processes within their particular security parameters.

The Challenge - Improving Security

Before implementing CompleteFTP, the company used a Linux-based platform for managing all file transfer processes, but it no longer satisfied their security standards. Improving security together with the cost and ease-of-use drivers of supporting a single operating system across the organisation led the firm to seek a new Windows based solution.

The Solution - Using CompleteFTP

Using CompleteFTP, the firm has essentially created a quarantine area for files being transferred either in or out of the company. Incoming files generated through overnight batch processes are identified by internal workflow applications and redirected to the appropriate system.

The Infrastructure Solutions Integration team identified some particular advantages of adopting CompleteFTP over standard Windows server file transfer functionality:

  • CompleteFTP allows users across the organisation, to access files securely via sftp or https, supporting the business need for a standard platform to serve the needs of different teams for different aspects of process;
  • Group authentication to manage user access is achieved through the existing Active Directory;
  • An audit trail of each user’s interaction with files.

Additionally, CompleteFTP (Enterprise Edition only) can act as a multiprotocol gateway for other servers. It can present any of its own protocols to a client, and translate them into a different protocol to talk to another server. In this case, this functionality has been used to provide a layer of security between client applications located in a secure environment with no internet access and the FTP server in the DMZ that sends and receives files from third parties.

CompleteFTP can act as a multiprotocol gateway.

CompleteFTP Satisfies our Security Requirements

“We chose CompleteFTP because it clearly satisfied our security requirements and integrated with Active Directory to manage user permissions within a tool that is easy to use and administer. CompleteFTP offers a lot of features, but can be just as easily deployed for simple or more complex configurations.”

“The EnterpriseDT Support team is proactive and extremely responsive to user requests. The CompleteFTP product is always evolving, bringing new options and alternatives to the way we manage secure file transfers.”