edtFTPj/PRO – the popular Java SFTP and FTPS library

Companies worldwide rely on edtFTPj/PRO to securely transfer their confidential files. It is a mature, optimized library packed with features that help Java developers add SFTP and FTPS support to their applications.

  • FTPS (explicit and implicit modes)
  • SFTP and SCP (secure copy)
  • Multiple protocols supported in the one component
  • Multiple, simultaneous transfers by use of FTP connection pools
  • Royalty-free licensing
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edtFTPj/PRO has a rich feature set that ensures its suitability for your Java file transfer projects. It is a mature, reliable library that has proven itself over time.
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edtFTPj/PRO is competitively priced and is royalty-free. Many corporations take advantage of our corporate license, which permits installation on any machine for a fixed price.
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What Customers Say

The support has been nothing short of fantastic. We’ve contacted EDT twice, more for clarification and enhancements than for actual bugs – and both times they quickly responded with useful information and even added additional functionality to the library so it would better meet our needs. Truly a great product with exceptional support.
Richard Conway, eGrok, Inc
We are a customer of Enterprise Distributed Technologies’ edtFTPj/PRO product and it has been great working with them, especially their support which was very timely, prompt and professional.
Amit Patankar, TALX