Secure File Transfer for Java Applications

Companies worldwide rely on edtFTPj/PRO to securely transfer their confidential files. It is a mature, optimized library packed with features that help Java developers add SFTP and FTPS support to their applications.

edtFTPj/Pro - For your Java file transfer projects

edtFTPj/PRO has a rich and flexible feature set that ensures its suitability for your Java file transfer projects so you won’t be caught out part-way through a Java development project when you suddenly need support for a feature you hadn’t planned on. Advantages include:

  • FTPS (explicit and implicit modes)
  • SFTP and SCP (secure copy)
  • Multiple protocols supported in the one component
  • Multiple, simultaneous transfers by use of FTP connection pools
  • edtFTPj/PRO supports directory transfers and directory synchronization
  • edtFTPj/PRO is competitively priced and is royalty-free
  • One year of support included (additional years can be purchased)

With Pro you also have the following purchase options:

  • Individual Developer - for one or two developers
  • Team Developer - for one team of developers (unlimited size)
  • Corporate Developer - for multiple teams across a corporation

You can also buy the Source Code for the library for a fee enabling you to save time and minimize the human resource required to develop the software.

A detailed list of features can be found here.




Robust and

  • Support for all standard and many optional FTP operations and support for a very wide range of FTP servers
  • Support for passive and active modes
  • Resuming of binary transfers that have partially completed
  • Simple but extensive API analogous to a command-line FTP program
  • Includes full source code
  • Integration with log4j
  • Compatible with Java 1.4 and higher versions
  • Non-LGPL licenses can be purchased if required


and value

  • All FREE features plus…
  • Secure FTP transfers (SFTP)
  • Secure FTP transfers (FTPS)
  • Support and Upgrades for 12 months
  • Advanced file-transfer features
  • Use by one developer
  • Optionally includes product source code


Best for one project development team

  • All INDIVIDUAL features plus…
  • Use by multiple developers who are part of the same development team at a single geographical location
  • Use by multiple developers who are part of the same development team at multiple geographical locations


Best for medium to large firms

  • All TEAM features plus…
  • Use by multiple developers in multiple development teams anywhere in my corporation

Key features

  • Full support for SFTP (FTP over SSH) and SCP (secure copy)
  • Supports password, public key and keyboard-interactive authentication
  • Supports the use of known_hosts file for server validation as well as automatic validation
  • Supports zlib compression
  • Supports OpenSSH, SSH.COM, and PuTTY private key formats
  • Supports aes128-ctr, aes192-ctr, and aes256-ctr ciphers
  • Resuming of binary transfers that have partially completed
  • Full support for explicit and implicit mode FTPS
  • Supports SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2
  • Supports both client and server certificate validation
  • Support for custom server validation
  • Supports MODE Z compression
  • Secure data and control channels
  • Resuming of binary transfers that have partially completed
  • Support for all standard and many optional FTP operations, passive and active modes, and support for a very wide range of FTP servers
  • Support for FXP server-to-server transfers
  • Resuming of binary transfers that have partially completed
  • Full support for SOCKS 4 and SOCKS 5 proxies
  • Support for HTTP proxies
  • Supports multiple, simultaneous transfers via connection pools
  • Supports background transfers via a comprehensive asynchronous API
  • Bandwidth throttling and data compression
  • Multi-protocol client that permits switching protocols with a single method call
  • The same simple, intuitive API as the popular edtFTPj/Free client, meaning upgrades to secure transfers are very straightforward
  • Powerful FTP command shell, useful in batch jobs or script development
  • FTP streams for treating the remote server as a data stream
  • Progress monitoring, permitting notification of the progress of file transfers
  • Directory and multiple file transfers and deletes, including wildcarding
  • Integration with log4j
  • Compatible with Java 1.4 and higher versions (earlier versions can be purchased)
  • Royalty-free so no restrictions on deployment and no extra costs

Customer Reviews

  • We installed this programme to give our suppliers a secure method of sending us files. It was easy to install and equally easy to set-up.

    Chris H, Translation and Localization (Capterra verified review)
  • CompleteFTP has allowed me to be able to offer multiple different connection options within the same application. Less applications means less training for my team and overall better performance.

    Jeffery J, Computer Software (Capterra verified review)
  • A very concise package that delivers exactly what it says…we haven’t had any issues with FTP access since inception, and I’d highly recommend the package! Simple to set-up – we have user based security setup in the application, and have found it super reliable.

    Haig Flashoff, MINT Technology
  • My company uses this software on a daily basis and we have yet to run into functionality problems...I was able to easily customize the web front end and include all requirements where other pieces of software we tried were not able to.

    David S, Civil Engineering (Capterra verified review)
  • CompleteFTP is going great for us, we’ve had no issues at all recently and many big New Zealand companies are using it for their day to day file transfers! Up time is 100%.

    Tim Nicol
  • The software is really easy to install, configure and use. Support is great, turn around time to questions and issues raised is quick. Very often I get a reply from support within an hour or two.

    Ben D, Retail (Capterra verified review)
  • We compared about 10 or so products and you guys were by-far the winner on a cost/feature comparison.

    Justin Anderson
  • FTP Front-end to Web Services Data. One word: Support. Any deficiency in the product or documentation was quickly and expertly handled by support including the prompt issuance of replacement certificates in a system outage. There are very few companies out there with great customer support these days, but EnterpriseDT is one of them.

    Information Technology and Services, (Capterra verified review)
  • Everything we need has eventually been integrated into the product. Fantastic support.

    Anonymous, Recent survey
  • The Complete Protocol Suite for Windows. I've bounced around using a number of data exchange solutions over the past 20 years on Linux and Windows… I've stabilized on CompleteFTP because it's fully featured, easy to use, and requires very little administrative attention.

    Tim B, Health, Wellness and Fitness (Capterra verified review)
  • We are a customer of Enterprise Distributed Technologies’ edtFTPj/PRO product and it has been great working with them, especially their support which was very timely, prompt and professional.

    Amit Patankar, TALX
  • A very strong and capable enterprise FTP server. CompleteFTP does exactly what we need and we are very happy with our decision.

    Cary W, Global Engineering Cloud & Automation Services (Capterra verified review)
  • Every time I have emailed a question I have received a timely response and the responses have always been helpful. I definitely feel that EnterpriseDT has a great support team – which provides and supports a great product.

    Aaron Heiner, Virtual H2O
  • CompleteFTP is incredible, simplest way to describe it. Fully configurable, feature-rich, cost-effective. I challenge anyone to find me a better solution.

    Joshua W, Government Administration
  • CompleteFTP has worked for years without any issue whatsoever. CompleteFTP is absolutely mission critical for what we do. It just works.

    Malcom Moody, Sky News Australia