Support – getting help when you need it

We pride ourselves on providing accurate and responsive technical support, and our efforts have been rewarded by the overwhelmingly positive feedback and high satisfaction we receive from customers each year.

If you do have an issue, there are lots of options available to help resolve it rapidly. Follow our suggested tips for solving technical issues and explore the support resources available for your installed product below.

All our commercial products include 12 months of technical support that can be optionally renewed, providing access to our service desk for resolving technical issues.

Obtaining product releases

The latest releases (as well as earlier releases) of our products can be download from our customer site. You will need the account details that were emailed to you when you purchased. Please contact us if you no longer have these details available. You can reset your password at the customer site.

Tips for solving technical issues

  • Check the product's User Guide.
  • Consult the product's FAQ.
  • Consult the product's Question & Answer board. If you have an question, there's a good chance it's already been answered!
  • Consult the product's How to diagnose problems page to ensure you have gathered the necessary details.
  • Ensure your technical support agreement is current to ensure a prompt response to support requests.
  • Open a ticket in our online helpdesk. Our engineers will respond promptly.

Telephone and remote desktop support

Telephone and remote desktop support are not included in our support agreements, though support engineers may, at their own discretion, agree to these methods of communication.

Why? Many years of experience have proven that solving technical issues is best achieved by providing support engineers with a clear, written description of the problem, together with log files and screen shots. Almost invariably, this is sufficient for a resolution, and, since all communications are recorded, it enables different support staff to cooperate on issues. Telephone conversations are rarely helpful, and are only used as a last resort.

Product announcements

You may wish to subscribe to our product announcements list so you are notified when new versions are released and important security announcements are posted.