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 How to diagnose problems

edtFTPj/Free has a rich API and provides complex capabilities. There are a wide variety of FTP servers in existence, which may or may not implement the relevant standards.

If difficulties are experienced in connecting to a server or performing operations, a number of steps can be taken to try to resolve the problem.

  1. Ensure that you can connect using a standalone FTP application such as FileZilla. If you cannot connect with FileZilla, it is likely that other clients (such as this one) will also experience difficulties connecting. Make sure you select the correct protocol.
  2. If you can connect using FileZilla, try using the appropriate How To example (with suitable settings) provided with the distribution.
  3. Generate a log file exhibiting the error with the level set to ALL. This may provide you (and us) with a clue to the problem.
  4. If possible, obtain the server log file to see if it contains any clues to the problem.
  5. Search the EDT Q&A board to see if the problem has been reported and a resolution posted. The Q&A board is fully searchable and contains advice and answers to many issues that developers have faced when using this library.
  6. Consult the product's revision history to see if your problem has been resolved in a later version of the software. Download the latest version and try it out, even if your problem is not listed. If you are unable to resolve the problem and you have a current support agreement, you may need to contact EDT Support. We will do our best to resolve the problem, including issuing patches if necessary. You can purchase support here.
  7. Use the source, Luke! And if you make what you consider to be useful changes, email us. If they improve the product or fix a bug, we'll incorporate your patch into a future release. That'll make the product better for everyone.

How to contact support

If you have purchased support, email us at support@enterprisedt.com. When emailing support with a problem, always include the following:
  • a stack trace (if an exception is being thrown) 
  • the section of the log file that illustrates the problem (see How to set up logging)
  • the initial part of the log file that displays versioning information and your classpath
  • the type of server you are accessing (include the version if possible)
  • the version of edtFTPj/Free you are using, if that is not shown in the log file
Please include as much information as possible; it will save us emailing you to ask for it.

If you have not purchased support, please post the above details about the problem to our EDT Q&A board, and we will reply as soon as possible.