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 Getting Help

The Enterprise Distributed Technologies website offers a rich EDT Q&A board for discussion of topics related to edtFTPj.  It is fully searchable and contains advice and answers to many issues that developers have faced when using this library.

If you are trying to resolve a problem please search the Q&A board to see if the issue has already been resolved. Also read How to diagnose problems.

If you are unable to find a solution, or suspect you have found a bug, please post your problem or question on the EDT Q&A board.

Of course if you have purchased support contact us directly as outlined below.

How to contact support (for customers)

Customers may e-mail support at support@enterprisedt.com. When emailing support with a problem, always include the following:
  • a stack trace (if an exception is being thrown) 
  • the section of the log file that illustrates the problem (see How to set up logging)
  • the initial part of the log file that displays versioning information and your classpath
  • the type of server you are accessing (include the version if possible)
  • the version of edtFTPj you are using, if that is not shown in the log file
Please include as much information as possible; it will save us emailing you to ask for it.