About Enterprise Distributed Technologies


In 1999, the journey of EnterpriseDT commenced when the need for an open source Java-based FTP client library emerged. This venture broadened into support for .NET in 2001. We then added FTPS support for our Java library in 2003 and extending it to .NET in 2004. Support for SFTP was added soon after. In 2008, we introduced CompleteFTP, our comprehensive server solution, which has since seen continual enhancements in functionality and a steady increase in user adoption.


Our raison d'ĂȘtre is to furnish dependable file transfer solutions, ensuring our customers experience reliable and secure file transfers.


We aspire to provide the world's leading file transfer products, continually improving our offerings for the benefit of our customers.


Excellence: Upholding a legacy of superior quality products constructed on resilient, robust code.

Accessibility: Fostering a culture of easy accessibility to our experienced engineers for swift support and insightful guidance.

Who are Enterprise Distributed Technologies?

Founders and Directors

  • Bruce Blackshaw Founder / Owner

    Bruce has been writing software professionally for almost 30 years, and has worked in a number of industries, including commercial software development and investment banking, both in Australia and the United Kingdom. He has wide experience in encryption, security, and network protocols such as SSL/TLS, SSH, SFTP and FTPS. Bruce currently works on developing CompleteFTP.

  • Hans Andersen Founder / Owner

    Hans has a Ph.D. in Computer Systems Engineering on the topic of neural control systems. He has worked in various software engineering roles over a period of 25 years, including scientific research and enterprise software development. Within EnterpriseDT, Hans has worked on both server-side and client-side systems, including Windows and web GUIs.

Our customers include

  • Accenture
  • Audi
  • Boeing
  • BUPA
  • Deutsche Bundesbank
  • Disney
  • Fedex
  • Global Payments
  • HP
  • NASA