How to get diagnostics for support

To solve technical issues, diagnostic log files that illustrate the issue should be zipped up and sent to support. Please note that a current support agreement is required for technical support. If your support agreement has expired, please contact us to obtain a renewal quote.

There are three different scenarios listed below. Please send us the files listed for your scenario.

1. Server issues. These are the most common issues, and require a debug level server log file. See here. If you are having difficulties with a client connecting, please also obtain a client log file at the highest possible debug level.

2. Manager issues. This is for when difficulties are experienced getting the CompleteFTP manager to connect to the server.

In the connect dialog box, choose "Other settings ..." and set the logging level to "Full diagnostic". Then try connecting to the server.

The log file should appear here:

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\EnterpriseDT\Complete FTP\Logs\Diagnostic.log

It may also be helpful to provide a server log file.

3. Installation and migration issues. This is when difficulties are experienced installing or migrating CompleteFTP from one machine to another.

Please send us C:\Program Files\Complete FTP\install.log and C:\Program Files\Complete FTP\Server\bootstrapper.log.