CompleteFTP Support Renewal

All license purchases include 12 months of product updates and technical support, which can be renewed annually. Support for CompleteFTP Free is available through the Question & Answer board, however you can elect to purchase a support package for assistance with complex or specific requirements.

Keeping your support agreement current ensures your software is always up to date at the minimal cost. Renew lapsed support, or purchase support for CompleteFTP Free here.

CompleteFTP Edition Time since support expired
Less than 6 months More than 6 months
Free $99.00 per server NA
Standard $99.00 per server $149.00 per server
Professional $149.00 per server $249.00 per server
Enterprise $299.00 per server $399.00 per server

All prices are in US dollars and net of applicable taxes

Owners of Corporate Licenses who wish to renew their support agreements are asked to contact us for a quote.

Note that it is EnterpriseDT policy that support for all CompleteFTP licenses must be renewed concurrently. This is because it’s not practical for us to distinguish between the various licenses that a customer may own, so by offering updates and support for one license we are effectively offering it for all licenses. Please contact us if you’ve retired some of your licenses and no longer require support for those.

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Renewal prices for multi-server license packs