Developer License Frequently Asked Questions

The different licenses that are available for our development products are explained below. These products include edtFTPnet/PRO, edtFTPnet/Compact, and edtFTPj/PRO.

License featureIndividual
Royalty-free redistribution
License never expires
Technical support
Free product upgrades
Use by one developer
Use by multiple developers who are part of the same development team at a single geographical location
Use by multiple developers who are part of the same development team at multiple geographical locations
Use by multiple developers in multiple development teams anywhere in my corporation
Optionally includes product source code (edtFTPnet/Compact always includes source)

No, your license never expires. A 12-month subscription means free upgrades and support for 12 months, but your license is valid forever.

Yes, all our libraries are royalty-free and can be distributed freely with your application.

You should receive your license by email within 24 hours of purchase, and usually much faster. Please contact us if you have not received your license after 24 hours – the email may have been filtered out by your spam filters.

Our licenses are based on the number of developers working with the library, not on the number of deployments. You may deploy on as many machines as you wish – development, test, and production.

You need the Individual Developer License.

You need the Team Developer License. Small teams qualify for a discount – 20% for two developer teams, and 10% for teams of three developers. Contact EDT to obtain a discount code for web purchases.

You need the Team Developer License.

You need the Corporate Developer License.

Each legal entity in each country should purchase the appropriate license for its use.

A development team is a group of developers who work together on development projects.

You can purchase source code as an additional extra for edtFTPnet/PRO and edtFTPj/PRO. edtFTPnet/Compact includes source code with every purchase.

Yes, we are happy to upgrade you to another license for the cost of the price difference in the two products plus a USD $50 administration fee.

Yes, product updates are included for 12 months after the date of purchase.

Yes, technical support is included for 12 months after the date of purchase. Please note that the support agreement applies to the licensed developers only, and not to any users of applications in which our software is embedded.

Yes, you can renew your updates/support agreement for the same price for up to 6 months after it has expired. If more than 6 months have passed, you will need to pay the expired support prices, which are higher.

To renew an agreement please see the support page and select your product.

For more information on license transfers, see this link.