CompleteFTP Editions

There are four CompleteFTP editions - Free, Standard, Professional and Enterprise MFT.

The Free Edition supports FTP and FTPS protocols only and is the ideal starting point for organisations needing a reliable, easy to use FTP server with an upgrade path to advanced functionality as needs change. Switch from Filezilla server today!

The Standard Edition is for those who want the essential features of FTP, FTPS and SFTP for the lowest possible price.

Our most popular edition is CompleteFTP Professional.

The Professional Edition supports all standard protocols such as FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SCP, HTTP and HTTPS. It supports Windows domain users, event notifications and process triggers, quotas, SSH terminal access and advanced file permissions, as well as file-sharing. For the majority of users, the Professional Edition is the appropriate choice.

The Enterprise MFT Edition should be considered by those who want managed file transfer capabilities. It supports clustering, Azure and Amazon S3 folders, extensive end-user customization, automated file transfers and more. The Enterprise MFT Edition also can act as a secure gateway to less secure legacy servers.

FeatureFreeStandardProfessionalEnterprise MFT
Virtual file system
Unlimited users
Non-windows users
Windows users
Network/macro folders
File-name filtering
User expiry
Windows special folders
Web-based file managers
Web-based administration
Windows domain (AD) users
External database users
Email notifications and events
Process triggers
IP filtering and auto-banning
Disk and bandwidth quotas
Box-style file-sharing
SSH terminal access
SSH forwarding
Zip file navigation
Performance charts
FTPS client certificates
Advanced file permissions
User groups
Custom HTTP headers
Custom MIME types
Server-side Javascript (JSS)
JSS authentication extensions
JSS IP filter extensions
JSS file-system extensions
JSS custom command extensions
Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
Custom .NET filesystem extensions
Custom .NET authentication extensions
Custom .NET event extensions
Custom .NET site command extensions
Multiple sites
Multi-protocol gateway
Custom IP filter extensions
Azure share folders
Amazon S3 folders
Gateway folders
Single sign-on (SAML) users
Additional administrative users
Encryption at rest (EAR)
Automated transfers