Amazon S3 Folders

We very much like to keep CompleteFTP at the cutting edge of technology developments as they happen. Our commitment to maintain this drive forward led us to integrate two great cloud developments, Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS S3 Buckets (storage). You can read more about our integration with Azure in a separate paper.

Mounted in the Virtual File-System

Another great reason to upgrade to our CompleteFTP Enterprise Edition is that Amazon S3 buckets (storage containers) may be mounted in the virtual file-system of CompleteFTP Enterprise Edition. Amazon S3 uses object storage which by its nature is highly scalable and can be easily added to as you grow. Twinned with CompleteFTP’s folder mounting feature it allows you to ensure that your users have seamless access in the same way that any other folder is accessed.

In order to mount Amazon S3 folder the following are required:

  1. an AWS S3 account
  2. an AWS secret access key
  3. an AWS S3 bucket

Amazon S3 folders are added to CompleteFTP's virtual file-system in the same way as other folders in the filesystem - via the Folders tab, and by choosing New root folder or new sub-folder - in the Enterprise Edition of CompleteFTP, there is a Amazon S3 Folder menu item.

We like to ensure that every customer is valued and we have put together an incredibly comprehensive user guide which will take you through the steps needed to set up Amazon S3 folders with CompleteFTP along with hundreds of other topics. As more businesses move to the cloud you can be sure that CompleteFTP will move with the times to ensure that our file server capabilities can be there for you.

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