Virtual file system

Thanks to our extremely versatile Virtual file system, CompleteFTP is now one of the foremost File Transfer applications available anywhere on the market today. The big advantage of using a virtual file system is that folders can be mounted from anywhere on the physical file system (or network) and combined in various ways.

CompleteFTP file system can be 'tailor made' to suit your business

CompleteFTP may have many root level folders mounted, and if virtual folders are used, the CompleteFTP file system can be ‘tailor made’ and configured by you, so that it may not bear any resemblance to the underlying Windows file system. Folders can also be hidden independently of underlying permissions, so that it can be hidden but not accessible or accessible but hidden! The following folder types are supported:

  • Windows folders (standard Windows folders)
  • Windows special folders (folders such as My Documents)
  • Network/Macro folders (UNC [network] folders, or folders with an expanded macro). These are not supported in the Free Edition
  • Gateway folders (folders that are mounted from remote FTP/FTPS/SFTP servers. These are only available in the Enterprise Edition of CompleteFTP)
  • Virtual folders don't exist on the actual file system - they permit a virtual folder structure to be created

CompleteFTP also makes use of cutting edge, unique macros. These macros may be inserted into the name of any folder in the virtual file-system. A common case where this may be useful is in setting the name of the home-folder of Automatic Windows Users, such that the user-name matches the name of the folder that they see when they log in.

Each folder can be configured with a whole range of permissions as well as being able to set virtual folder permissions independently from windows folders which are allocated their own permissions at the windows directory level. Permissions for users logging in via their Windows account may optionally be controlled by Windows.

If adaptability and flexibility are high on your wish list then CompleteFTP is definitely the choice for you. Overall it’s amazing file system is streets ahead of it’s competitors, leaving it without a rival for the savvy buyer!

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