SSH terminal

CompleteFTP offers the much sought-after potential of SSH Terminal access, which can be found in our Professional and Enterprise Editions. The beauty of SSH terminal access is that users can log in to CompleteFTP from any command-line SSH client, on any system, anywhere!

This is sure to make it your flexible friend when it comes to ensuring that your users can easily access their files regardless of which client they happen to operate. Whether ‘UNIX’ or ‘Windows’, admins and personal users alike, are sure to request this useful tool that works so well with SSH. Don’t leave this indispensable accessory out of your file server.

SSH gives you flexibility

For all users, SSH allows you to move effortlessly through your directories and file structure. Encryption is always guarding your security and privacy in SSH terminal, but with the added benefit of the rich flexibility of using a command-line interface. A user on command-line SSH client can 'SSH' onto the CompleteFTP server machine, where they can obtain a command shell, and use various UNIX-like commands. If an administrator logs in this way then they have access to commands to create folders and users.

For your more advanced users, SSH also allows for the tunnelling of other protocols such as FTP, as well as protecting you from IP source routing, DNS and IP address spoofing and a host of other attacks. Administrators can even oversee organizational tasks with SSH Terminal command-line administration (only available in our Enterprise Edition). The ‘help’ command lists all the available SSH commands.

Finally, don’t forget the amazing range of configuration options in CompleteFTP including setting SSH Terminal access for the site or for individual users, as well as blocking those with lower access privileges.

CompleteFTP provides one of the best SSH environments for the many secure activities the modern business requires.

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