SSH forwarding / tunnelling

SSH port forwarding or SSH Tunnelling is a fantastic way to secure your communications. Our Professional and Enterprise Editions both offer this ‘best of both worlds’ capability. Just imagine you need to demonstrate FTP or use RDP over an insecure network, not something to be recommended in today’s hazardous internet world!

Well, with our SSH forwarding ability integrated into CompleteFTP, you can now use an insecure protocol in the knowledge that you are in fact using it in safety, secured by the protective tunnelling of SSH. This tunnel ‘hides’ the fact that you are actually using an insecure method of file transfer from would-be attackers. Allied with the security benefits is the fact that you can actually save time and money for your business, which would otherwise be required in order to bolster a weak server setup using insecure protocols.

CompleteFTP has a wide range of SSH capabilities

SSH forwarding is used in numerous corporate environments that employ mainframe systems as their application backends. In those environments, the applications themselves may have very limited native support for security. By utilizing tunnelling, compliance with SOX, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and other standards can be attained without having to change the applications.

The other great advantage is that it reduces the headache which networkers have when it comes to configuring the firewall with all the different port requirements demanded by the various file transfer methods. Everything is boiled down to SSH port 22 - simple!

CompleteFTP allows you to comfortably configure your settings to permit or ban your users from implementing SSH forwarding, and site-wide settings allow further modifications. With the wide range of SSH capabilities which CompleteFTP has to offer, why look any further? Download the free trial now!

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