Events and email notifications

In today’s pressurised admin office, keeping informed and staying in touch with what is happening on your systems is essential. For the security minded administrator logging events is a top priority. That is why we knew that including these fantastic capabilities would make your lives just that little bit easier.

Highly Customizable Notifications

CompleteFTP Professional and Enterprise MFT Editions both offer these valuable features. Our excellent software supports highly customizable email event notifications, as well as allowing events to be triggered according to a user-specified schedule. You can configure email notifications and carry out operations based on server events. The following events can be used to trigger an important email alert:

  • Upload File
  • Download File
  • Move File/Folder
  • Delete File/Folder
  • Create Folder
  • Login/Logout
  • Server Start/Stop
  • Auto-Ban
  • SSL/TLS Certificate Expiring/Expired
  • Site Stop/Start (Only available in our Enterprise MFT Edition)

Of course you also have the ability to automate events to suit your needs and events can even be used to run different plugins which then carry out other functions! CompleteFTP also supports ‘Scheduled Events’ where processes are triggered according to your desired preset timetable. This schedule may consist of a sequence of specific times or of a repeated pattern. It includes three ways to define a pattern: by even time intervals, by days of the week or by a cron expression. Find out how to set up email notifications and events.