Disk quotas and bandwidth limits

Another excellent feature found in our Professional and Enterprise Editions of CompleteFTP is the ability for administrators to set quotas and bandwidth limits for their users. This great asset is particularly pertinent when it comes to protecting your business system resources such as limited data space. With the advent of the technical era, disk space is at a premium especially because in today’s world, data is the modern equivalent of the old office files, and disk space can be used up all too quickly!

Prevent your server from becoming clogged up with data

The modern IT department has to set limits for user space, work group space, or other groups of storage space. By setting a quota, this helps to prevent a server from becoming awash with data while at the same time encouraging users to save precious space.

Bandwidth quotas also help prevent the server from choking with too many users using up the available width simultaneously. If you can, it is definitely worth investing in either our Professional or Enterprise editions as this and many other premium features, allow for a flexible user specific configuration to be set.

Disk usage can be set for each user in MBs and bandwidth in kB/s:

Upload and download bandwidth limits are set in kilobytes/second (kB/s). Note that bandwidth is not set in kilobits/second (kbs), and that bandwidth limits apply per site (so that in the Enterprise Edition, if a user is enabled on multiple sites then their total bandwidth is [number of sites] x [set bandwidth]).

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