File Management Web Apps

We are immensely proud of our convenient File Management Web App. This handy app is available for access from your smartphone or alternatively simply open up your laptop web-browser and login. Yet another convincing reason to purchase our Professional or Enterprise Edition (only available in these 2 editions), we highly recommend this great app for it’s convenience which allows you to login wherever you are located.

Different File Manager Layouts

HTTP and HTTPS are both supported, and when users access their files, we even offer you a choice of 2 different file manager layouts. Our original file manager is similar in style to the Macintosh Finder and as such is admirably suited to desktop/laptop environments. Our newest file-manager, added in version 12.0.0, is a more modern, responsive web-app that works well both on computers and on mobile devices. Administrators can enable or disable them and they are highly customizable making them great for tailor made configurations. As they are written entirely in open-source Javascript they can even be modified (at your own risk!).

Users can use the ‘drag and drop’ method to upload files, simply drag your file or folder across to the web browser window and click upload. Zip files can be uploaded, and you can navigate the contents of a zip file with ease by enabling our Zip-file navigation capability. Just one more reason among many, to choose our great file server toolkit.

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