Filename blocking filter

Do you wish to protect your CompleteFTP server from specific unwanted file types? Now you can make use of our great, filename blocking filter protection. This great security feature can ensure that your installation of CompleteFTP remains free of those undesirable uploads containing file types which do not belong there! We all know that executables can be great when sourced and run in a safe environment, but all too often they are misused. With our filename blocking filter you can strain out those unwelcome files whose potential to wreak havoc is all too familiar. This setting allows you to specify the filters used to control what files can be uploaded. Note that the filters are also applied to renaming of files - otherwise a user could upload a file with an acceptable name and then rename it to a banned name.

A Very Handy Admin Tool

Administrators can choose to block files that match the filters, or to only permit files that match the filters. This is a very handy admin tool which can be used in a variety of situations as your admin department configures and structures your CompleteFTP Server.

Other features