SFTP is solidly supported in the Standard, Professional, and Enterprise Editions of CompleteFTP.

In today’s world, secure transfers and the ability to conduct business in a shielded environment is essential to safeguarding your business or personal affairs. CompleteFTP excels in ensuring that you are protected, by offering the gold standard of secure file transfer methods, SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol). The Professional and Enterprise Editions also support SSH (Secure Shell), SCP (Secure Copy), and SSH forwarding.

CompleteFTP enhances your use of SFTP

With the use of cryptographically secure keys, it is an incredibly secure way of transferring or receiving sensitive and/or personal data. SFTP also cooperates far better with firewalls than other protocols.

If security, encryption, and first-class file transfer ratings are your aim, then this should definitely be included in your file transfer toolbox. SFTP is highly popular in the banking and finance industries for this reason.

CompleteFTP enhances your use of SFTP with its easy to use, user-friendly GUI (graphical user interface). Our step-by-step guide helps those new to SFTP to get started quickly.

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