Authentication via an external database

In today's bustling tech environment streamlining ever more complicated and sizeable databases is a major priority. CompleteFTP Professional and Enterprise Editions come to the rescue, assisting you as you build your database, and allowing it to authorize and authenticate your database users with smooth and speedy ease.

CompleteFTP offers powerful database flexibility

The database flexibility built into CompleteFTP is renowned, and configuration elasticity enables external authentication with a range of different database types. A choice of default database connection types can be chosen from: including Odbc, OleDb, SQL Server, SQL Server Compact 4.0 and SQL Server Compact 3.5. Are you having difficulty locating your specific database type? Not a problem, if the database type you need isn't listed then find its ADO.NET driver (eg MySQL Connector/NET). After you restart the CompleteFTP Service you should see the database type listed! Problem solved!

The database authentication feature allows the administrator to authenticate against an external data-source, rather than explicitly adding users to CompleteFTP's internal user-list. This is a great feature of CompleteFTP Database authentication and authorization and saves valuable time for your team!

You can even customize your authentication scheme with the use of our .NET authentication extensions or JSS extensions. Use this type of extension to implement any authentication scheme. .NET Authentication Extensions are known as authenticators. The server calls methods in your class to find out whether or not a particular user-name/password combination or user/public key combination is valid. Your class can do whatever it needs to do to work out whether or not it is valid, such as calling a webservice or invoking an RPC.

As you can see, our CompleteFTP solution is way ahead when it comes to authorizing your growing database users and employees, for file transfer purposes.

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