FTP/FTPS is the trusted workhorse of the file transfer family of protocols. CompleteFTP comes with a flexible configuration manager allowing the administrator freedom to configure the settings according to the many different demands of FTP/FTPS.

Although in today’s world, security and encryption are the number one prerequisites for many organizations, there are still many clients who wish to use the unsecured capabilities of FTP. Fortunately FTP can also be used securely by combining it with SSL/TLS - known as FTPS. FTPS doesn’t require you to sacrifice usability for security.

You can still use FTP if that’s a protocol you’re comfortable with, but your file sharing is enhanced by increasing security by using FTPS. With the use of scripts, you can automate file transfers and the great advantage of FTP/FTPS is that you can resume your transfers if the connection is lost.

CompleteFTP enhances your FTP experience

CompleteFTP enhances your FTP experience with straightforward, uncomplicated settings allowing you to configure this protocol according to your immediate requirements. Whether you need FTP Active or Passive, or FTPS Implicit or Explicit mode, each setting permits you to customize and shape your FTP encounter.

You can also permit or ban anonymous logins, set an external IP address for passive transfers, and apply the appropriate port range for those data connections. Individual users can be granted access or banned when it comes to using FTP. In fact, there are boundless possibilities built into our first-class FTP server.

FTP and FTPS are supported in all of the editions of CompleteFTP.

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