Multiple sites

CompleteFTP is already packed with a file transfer capability punch, which catapults it beyond the standard, monotonous file transfer offerings available today. One feature which our innovative developers included very early on, due to increasing demand, was the capability for multiple sites. CompleteFTP Enterprise Edition comes amply equipped with multiple site capacity, allowing your business to add sites and expand, as your business grows.

Administrators find our product an ideal fit when it comes to providing different sites, whether it be to include an internal and external site, or to allow for multiple external sites; Keeping your internal network separate from your external one makes perfect sense from a security perspective, as well as a purely administrative one. With the proper external firewall configuration and port allocations you can set up your network to forward requests to your internal network while keeping your network safe from those unwanted connections.

CompleteFTP - Providing your Business with Flexibility

The great advantage of CompleteFTP’s multiple site capability is the flexibility which it provides you. For each site which you set up, you are able to configure the settings completely differently from other sites, injecting a flexibility and adjustability which makes it an ideal addition for those businesses needing to set up several sites. Users can also be restricted to use certain sites, so that a separate group of logins can be maintained for external users.

Whatever your requirements are, CompleteFTP is capable and proficient enough, to take on your business expansion plans, and to provide you with an intuitive and logical user interface which makes setting up your file transfer needs so effortless. Remember you will need our Enterprise Edition in order to take advantage of this fantastic feature.

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