CompleteFTP comes impressively equipped with HTTP/HTTPS in both our Professional and Enterprise Editions for those who require a thorough range of file transfer options.

HTTP/HTTPS is a native web application and it facilitates file transfers everywhere because of its browser accessibility. CompleteFTP includes two great file-manager web-apps to be used in tandem with HTTPS. This is an important addition and permits users the ability to connect to the server from a standard web browser wherever they are!

Opening up file transfer access to all your customers

Whether from a laptop or a smartphone, this really does open up file transfer access to all your customers or colleagues wherever they are based. Best of all no software or plugin installs are required for end-users!

The ability to upload and download files, as well as sharing them with a web link, are all included. The weblink can even be password protected to protect important documents from prying eyes. Access via the web browser is simple and straight-forward, and after authenticating you can carry out a spectrum of various file transfer activities including uploading, downloading, and deleting files, as well as unzipping files.

For administrators, there is also a dedicated WebAdmin app for administration tasks where you can tweak CompleteFTP, at the same time giving you the ease of access which a web browser provides.

The HTTP/HTTPS settings allow you to switch public access on or off, and a whole range of options grant the administrator a scope of configuration capabilities including adding templates and changing ports. Limits and timeouts can also be set allowing you to limit the number of login attempts and maximum connections per user.

Other features