FTPS client & server certificates

SSL/TLS certificates are the most common and trusted method of validating trust on the Internet. It's no exaggeration to say that the entire e-commerce world is built on this technology. The most common use-case is for a client to be allowed to trust a server based on the fact that the server is able to prove that it has a valid certificate. Less common is for the server to require that clients prove their identity through the use of client certificates. CompleteFTP supports both cases; the former in HTTPS and FTPS and the latter in FTPS. As well as the ability to import, view and export certificates, it also offers the generation of self-signed certificates and certificate requests (CSRs).

Of course insisting on a client certificate provides you at the server end, with a higher degree of safeguarding for your file transfer requests, and with our higher end editions you will be more than adequately covered with the advantage of knowing that the client certificate option is protecting your server.