Advanced FTP functionality, that's easy to use

Top Priorities for 3 Italia - Standardised Practice & Data Security

H3G, trading as 3 Italia, is a leader in Italy’s 3G+ Mobile Telecommunication sector, with more than 9.1 million customers. Positioned as Italy’s “Mobile Media Company”, H3G provides mobile telephony services, video communication services, fast internet access and a wide range of TV, music, games and news content.

With such large and diverse operations, standardised practice and data security are among the top priorities of H3G’s IT strategy. When the standard FTP server functions of Microsoft Windows no longer satisfied their security or management expectations, H3G worked with partner Montaperto Industries to undertake a critical infrastructure upgrade.

CompleteFTP - The Easiest Secure FTP Server Solution

Once the decision to move to a dedicated FTP server product was made, a range of commercially available products and solutions were carefully reviewed and considered. The choice fell squarely on CompleteFTP, distributed in Italy by CoreTech. CompleteFTP was found to be the easiest secure FTP server solution to use, despite its many advanced features, and this represented the best value for money for H3G.

Choosing CompleteFTP has allowed H3G to move to a secure file transfer environment with data encryption (FTPS). It has also simplified the management of the entire infrastructure, which in this case includes as many as five different servers.