IntelliTeK makes CompleteFTP the tool of choice for secure file transfers

A Secure FTP Success Story

IntelliTeK is an IT consulting company transforming IT challenges into simplified solutions that enable the next generation of flexible, reliable IT services for enterprise businesses.

IntelliTeK was founded on the principle that in order to provide business solutions that drive efficiencies and value to clients, it is imperative to provide technology that underpins that need seamlessly.

Which is where CompleteFTP comes in.

CompleteFTP Processes Reliable, Secure Data Transfers

Dealing with large, mission critical business applications, particularly in the banking and finance sector, IntelliTeK depend on CompleteFTP to reliably, securely and seamlessly process data transfers. In applications where clients rely on consistent data transfer performance to meet corporate governance and regulatory compliance, CompleteFTP has become IntelliTeK’s tool of choice.

Technical Director Clinton Gaddes explains, “Our software development business unit exists to help organisations fill the gap between off the shelf products and business requirements.”

“In order to do that efficiently, we wanted to establish a standard toolkit that developers could work with in a variety of projects. We undertook a best-of-breed search, and ultimately we chose CompleteFTP for secure and reliable data transfer,” he said.

Many of IntelliTeK’s clients are subject to the standards of the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), the prudential regulator of the Australian financial services industry. “After standardising on CompleteFTP over nine years ago, our solutions have passed every security check from regulatory authorities,” Gaddes said.

CompleteFTP - A File Transfer Solution that is Ever Evolving

“The continued development and local support for CompleteFTP is a key feature for us,” he says. “When security threats are ever evolving, a file transfer solution that is under active development to maintain compliance with industry standards is a must.”

“We chose CompleteFTP for its ease of deployment. Its consistent performance has ensured it remains part of the IntelliTeK software development toolkit ever since.”