Expiration of user accounts

Whichever edition of CompleteFTP you choose, you are sure to be impressed with the configuration capabilities of CompleteFTP. We have researched and communicated with our customers to make sure we include those really important tweaks that you have let us know are critical for your organisation’s set-up. One of those modifications which we quickly added, was the expiry date of User Accounts.

Time Sensitive Expiry Date

The default setting for User accounts added to CompleteFTP is ‘Never expires’. However, this can be easily changed by opening up the expiry date window, where you can conveniently set a time sensitive expiry date for specific users. This means that if you only want a user to have a short lease when they can access your server, you are now able to take full control over this. It is an ideal addition as it lets you set and forget, without having to constantly remember all those dates when you need to deactivate users.

It adds another layer of protection and helps in case staff forget to update the system or leave the company.

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