Web App Hosting using server side Javascript

One of the greatest advantages of CompleteFTP is its ability to be customized. Javascript Server-Side (JSS) support in the Professional and Enterprise MFT Editions allow users to write their own server-side web applications.

Single-Page Applications

Naturally, JSS supports traditional web-apps where HTML is mostly generated on the server, but it particularly excels at Single-Page Applications (SPA's). As with many of our features, web-app hosting with JSS can be either enabled ‘site-wide’ or limited to specific, trusted users. JSS web-apps can also be made available to unauthenticated users, although we do not switch this on as a default setting.

The versatility of JSS make it a tremendous tool for use with your purchase of CompleteFTP, and as with most of our features, you can follow our User Guide steps to help you, as you set it up. See further details in our Guide - Web-App JSS.