Strong file transfer security with CompleteFTP

Security and encryption are what makes CompleteFTP file transfer server one of the strongest competitors on the market today. We are constantly updating our fantastic products with security updates and patches in order to keep pace with ever-changing security threats and vulnerabilities.

Robust Security Options

We are proud of the robust security options built into our software which allows you, the user, to choose how tough your safeguards should be. Some of the fantastic configuration options are listed below:

  • Regular security updates/patches
  • IP Filtering and Auto-Banning capabilities
  • Comprehensive logging facilities including auditing, debug logging and monitoring of connections and TCP port usage
  • Support for TLS 1.2
  • Wide range of cryptographic ciphers, including support for elliptic curve cryptography
  • Server-side events that can notify you of uploads and downloads
  • Encryption at rest
  • Filename blocking filters
  • Quotas and limits, allowing limits on uploads, downloads and disk usage

In today's challenging environment, CompleteFTP comes prepared to do battle with attackers seeking to compromise your systems and your data. Whatever your desired security level, whether hardened with the latest cryptographic security or unprotected with FTP, CompleteFTP can be configured to meet your business requirements.

Other features