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From our CompleteFTP free edition to our top enterprise edition, you are bound to find a fit tailored to your business needs. Whether a small business startup or a fully fledged corporation, the necessity of IT fluency calls for the best software. Each edition of CompleteFTP comes with varying levels of features and capabilities, and with 4 different variants on offer, we have thought of everything, from the sole trader to the large multi-national. If you are after a quick comparison at a glance, of the different features which each edition can offer you, then please go to our comparison page. You will see a fantastic contrast, from our entry level free edition right up to the all encompassing Enterprise edition.


Our distinguished and highly rated support and maintenance is set apart from our competitors, as we are aware that support is as important as our software. Each license purchased comes with one year of support and software updates included. After that first year, you have the option to renew. What really separates us from the competition however, is that we believe in giving the customer the choice when it comes to renewing your support/maintenance agreement with us. Although we always recommend with great conviction, the necessity to keep business software up to date, we always leave the renewal choice in your hands. Of course we believe that you will not wish to allow your support with us to lapse, especially when you see that we are constantly maintaining our software at the cutting edge of technology and security, but you will need a support contract in place, in order to continue receiving the latest updates.

Upgrade at your own pace

Why settle for less? Start off with our very capable free version for private individuals or our standard version for individuals and small businesses. You can upgrade when you wish and move to a higher edition as your business grows or as the technological demands increase. We believe in a fair upgrade system, so we will only charge you for the difference in price between the different paid editions of CompleteFTP when you upgrade to the next level.

Once your business starts growing and you see that you require more from your server, you can upgrade to the Professional or Enterprise editions at anytime.

With CompleteFTP you have more control and can take full advantage of the advanced features that are on offer, at your own pace as you improve your security and your systems.

You retain flexibility and are under no obligation.

Regular updates

Security is surely up there at the very top of any serious business IT infrastructure. We take this seriously, and our team of developers are constantly updating and keeping in line with the latest cryptographic developments and improvements, along with the latest evolution in security requirements. We regularly release updates in the form of new versions, but please remember that to gain access to these, you will need a current support agreement in place. We pride ourselves on providing accurate and responsive technical support, and our efforts have been rewarded by the overwhelmingly positive feedback and high satisfaction we receive from customers each year. All our commercial products include 12 months of technical support that can be optionally renewed, providing full access to our service desk for resolving technical issues.

Technical ‘breakdown’ assistance

Our acclaimed support/maintenance is available to those with a current support agreement in place. There are so many great benefits to having a current Support/Update agreement with us including:

  • Personal and friendly assistance to resolve issues

  • Access to critical software updates (not available without support)

  • Knowledgeable Advice from our highly experienced support team

  • Help with server migration

  • Step-by-step guidance on a wide range of issues

  • Access to the latest versions (not available without a current support agreement in place)

Purchasing CompleteFTP should not only be a smooth and efficient process, but we believe that you are just as important after you have made your purchase. This is because so much of the development of our highly rated software, comes from suggestions which you the customer, have passed on to us.

CompleteFTP is highly prized because it is developed and built by us, with real business requirements and suggestions in mind.

“The EnterpriseDT Support team is proactive and extremely responsive to user requests. The CompleteFTP product is always evolving, bringing new options and alternatives to the way we manage secure file transfers.”

Australian Insurance Company

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