Custom extensions in .NET

CompleteFTP is highly customizable. If you need to modify its functionality for your business requirements, extensions can be coded in any .NET languages and incorporated into the server in the Enterprise MFT Edition. .NET Extension types include:

Authentication extensions
File-system extensions
Custom command extensions
Event extensions
IP filter extensions
JSS-to-.NET bridge extensions

Our powerful extensions capability opens up a world of possibilities including:

  • Implement any authentication scheme using authenticators;
  • Build your own custom file system with .NET extensions;
  • Set up executable custom commands for use by authorised users, particularly suited for use with web-apps;
  • Create a .NET event extension for use as a process trigger;
  • Implement a .NET custom IP filter

You can even call into .NET from JSS thus offering wide extensibility to the JSS platform.

Find out how you can create .NET Extensions.