Enterprise MFT customization

The ability to be customized to meet the varied needs of an organization is an important feature of enterprise software. CompleteFTP Enterprise MFT has extensive capabilities in this area. There are two main ways to customize - by events and by extensions.

Events are things that happen on the server. For example, a file download or a file upload is an event. Scripts can be written that are triggered at the time the event occurs. So, when a file is uploaded, the custom script is run. Typically, the script will process the file in some manner, perhaps adding data to a database or sending the file on elsewhere. We call these Process Triggers.

Authentication is the process of determining whether a login attempt should succeed - that the supplied username and credentials matches a valid account on the server. Users can write their own custom authentication extensions, either in .NET or in Javascript.

Extensions can also be written to create custom filesystems. For example, an extension could be written that made an internal corporate database appear to CompleteFTP as just another filesystem, and it can be mounted as a directory. When users upload to this directory, their file is written to the database instead of to disk.