Enterprise MFT Security

Security is the primary consideration for all versions of CompleteFTP, but Enterprise MFT includes additional security features not found in the Standard and Professional Editions.

One important security feature is Encryption at Rest (EAR). If enabled, this ensures all files transferred to your server are automatically encrypted as they are written to disk. Only administrators will be able to decrypt the files. EAR is invisible to users transferring files to and from the server.

Another key security feature for web applications hosted on CompleteFTP is Two Factor Authentication (2FA). Having two separate authentication requirements makes it far more difficult for trespassers to gain access to the site. Our 2FA integrates Google authentication, and so users must generate a one-time password using the Google authenticator app to log in, in addition to their password.

Finally, the multiprotocol gateway enables CompleteFTP to provide a secure front-end to legacy servers that may not be as secure. For example, a server that does not support secure FTP can be placed behind CompleteFTP, which can offer a secure protocol such as SFTP to external users.