Enterprise MFT automation

Automation is an important feature of enterprise systems that involve file transfer. Typically, files are generated by one corporate application automatically, and require transferring to another machine for processing and importation into another corporate application. Over time, a complex web of transfers can develop, often tied together with scripts written in various languages that poll for expected files that will appear.

The CompleteFTP Enterprise MFT edition can help in several ways. It supports the use of what we call process triggers - scripts that are run automatically after a file transfer or a related event has occurred. For example, if a file is transferred to the server, a process trigger might reformat the file and transfer it elsewhere, or perhaps import it into a different corporate application.

Sometimes, it is necessary to automatically transfer files to or from a machine that does not have CompleteFTP installed. This is where CompleteAgent comes in - a client-side application that can be installed on any number of machines. It monitors a directory for newly arrived files, and transfers them to the designated CompleteFTP server. It can also monitor a remote directory on the server, and download files that appear to the local machine. CompleteAgent runs silently as a Windows service.