This blog series will explain how secure network protocols work. It will explain what encryption is, what cryptographic hashes are, and how they are both used to secure data transmission. Public key encryption, which is extremely widely used today, will be explained.

The two most popular secure network protocols, SSL/TLS and SSH, will also be examined in detail and compared.

The proposed blog posts in the series are shown below. There may be additional topics explored as the series develops:

  1. What is encryption?
  2. How does public key encryption work?
  3. What are cryptographic hashes?
  4. What are certificates?
  5. How does SSL/TLS work (part one)?
  6. How does SSL/TLS work (part two)?
  7. How does SSL/TLS work (part three)?
  8. How does SSL/TLS work (part four)?
  9. How does SSL/TLS work (part five)?
  10. How does SSH work (part one)?
  11. How does SSH work (part two)?
  12. How does SSH work (part three)?
  13. How does SSH work (part four)?
  14. How does SSH work (part five)?
  15. How does SSH work (part six)?
  16. FTPS vs SFTP – Which should I use?