A new edition of this secure and reliable FTP server products is now free forever

We recently announced the release of CompleteFTP Free Рa new edition of our popular secure FTP server for Windows that will be free forever.

CompleteFTP Free supports the FTP and FTPS protocols and will be the new entry point for the CompleteFTP suite of products.

Filezilla is the most popular free FTP/FTPS server for Windows out there. However it is permanently in beta and has no commercial support options. There is also no upgrade path available to users when their requirements change.

As the newest member in a family of commercially available products, CompleteFTP Free is actively maintained, with one-click upgrade options to unlock more advanced file transfer protocols and functionality. This makes CompleteFTP Free a compelling option in comparison to the other freeware alternatives.

Here’s how the features and functions stack up against Filezilla:

Filezilla CompleteFTP Free
Unlimited Users
SSL Certificate Generator
Virtual File & Directory Systems
File Integrity Checking
Password Policy
Established upgrade path
Actively supported and maintained
Compare the capabilities of each CompleteFTP edition here.

Support is available for all users through the public Question & Answer forum. Higher level technical support is also available for purchase by users needing more urgent, personal or specific assistance.

CompleteFTP Free continues the user-friendly interface and easy installation experience that users have come to expect from CompleteFTP.


See CompleteFTP Free Edition demonstration on youtube
See the usability and style of CompleteFTP Free demonstrated in this video overview .


To access CompleteFTP Free, simply download and follow the prompts to install. To use your software for more than 30-days, you will need to activate your installation with a valid email address. You can activate at any time by clicking the link in the top right corner of your CompleteFTP window.

Download CompleteFTP Free