CompleteFTP Volume Licensing

Many larger organizations opt for a CompleteFTP Volume License rather than buy licenses on a per-server basis. If you expect to need a large number of licenses over time, this will be a more cost-effective option (as well as a time-saver).

Advantages of Volume Licensing

Advantages include:

  • One fixed price for all your CompleteFTP server instances, and one fixed price for support renewals.
  • Much cheaper than purchasing individual licenses if 10 or more licenses are required.
  • You can add additional servers at no cost up to an agreed maximum.

Please e-mail us at for a Volume License quote. In your email, please indicate which edition of CompleteFTP you are interested in, and the approximate number of licenses you will require.

If you have existing licenses and now feel a Volume License is more suitable for your business needs, please e-mail us for a Volume License upgrade quote. We will credit you for the licenses you already own.

You can also request a demonstration of CompleteFTP. In your email, please let us know if there are any particular features you would like to see.