CompleteFTP 4.0 has now been released, and has added some significant new features (mainly in the Professional Edition).

Disk and bandwidth quotas mean that administrators have more control over users’ use of resources. Quotas are set on an individual user basis.

Extensive real-time charts for performance monitoring have been added, so that a variety of statistics can be displayed, such as logins, uploads and downloads.

Event notification has been extended beyond email notification to include process triggers. This means that server processes can be launched when events such as uploading or downloading occur. For example, after uploading a DOS process might be used to copy a file, or perhaps to launch a process to parse the file and insert its contents in a database.

And finally, SSH terminal access has been added, so that a command-line terminal on the server can be accessed by any SSH client on any platform. This is a Unix-like shell that allows basic file operations to be performed, as well as the ability to execute processes on the server.

A trial download and more details can be obtained at this link.