HTML uploads to CompleteFTP using DropZone

DropZone is a small, self-contained Javascript library that provides a 'drop-zone' on a web-page upon which files can be dropped to be uploaded.

This example shows how DropZone can be integrated with CompleteFTP using just a few lines of Javascript (JSS) code.


  1. Copy index.jss into a directory on your server
  2. Create a Windows sub-directory under this directory called 'Files'
  3. Add this directory under a user's home folder in the virtual file-system
  4. Name the new folder, Upload, so that its full path is /Home/MyUser/Upload
  5. Verify that JSS is enabled for the user (it's disabled by default in versions 12+)
  6. In your browser, navigate to https://myserver/Home/MyUser/Upload. You should see a page containing a box with the text, 'Drop files here to upload', in the middle.
  7. Drag a file from the file explorer onto this box
  8. Check that the file was uploaded to the Files sub-directory.
Posted by John Faulds in