How to trigger mobile notifications using Notify17

CompleteFTP is packed with features that help you easily integrate secure file transfer into your business processes. CompleteFTP is able to send email notifications to users of important events, such as user logins, file uploads and certificate expirations. But what if your email is inaccessible or if your inbox is so full that you might miss these notifications - how can you receive notifications? To solve this problem, CompleteFTP can be integrated with Notify17, which is an innovative system for mobile notifications. Notify17 lets you generate notifications via a simple web requests, and receive them on Android, iOS and the Web.

Integrate CompleteFTP with Notify17

Now let’s see how to integrate it. The following steps will configure CompleteFTP to send a mobile notification when a file is uploaded to a particular directory:

  1. Sign in to the with Google or GitHub
  2. Create an encryption password
  3. Install the Notify17 mobile app (Android or iPhone)
  4. Sign in on your phone then input encryption password to unlock all your data
  5. Go to to get the API key (in API key column)
  6. Open CompleteFTP manager
  7. Go to the Events panel
  8. Add a new Process Triggers with Upload file Event
  9. Select JSS script as the Type
  10. Copy the following code into the Script field replacing “...your API key… “in the code with the Notify17 API key obtained in step 5 :
    var notify17ApiKey = "...your API key...";var title = event.fileName + " uploaded";var content = event.fileName + " has been uploaded";"" + notify17ApiKey, { title: title, content: content });
  11. Apply the changes

You should now be set up to receive notifications on your mobile phone. You can test this by uploading a file to CompleteFTP and checking your phone. Note that if you want to restrict the scope of the notifications then you can filter by user and/or file-path.

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