Certificate Signing Request (CSR) Generation Using CompleteFTP

Use these instructions to generate a CSR using CompleteFTP Manager.

How To Generate a CSR using CompleteFTP

  1. Open the CompleteFTP Manager, then open Server certificate.
    Click Settings > FTP/FTPS > Advanced FTP/FTPS Settings > Security Settings > Server certificate.
  2. In the CompleteFTP Server Certificate window, select Generate a certificate signing request (CSR).
  3. Choose OK when the notice appears.
  4. Enter the certificate details and press OK.
  5. Enter private key password.
  6. The private key is generated - this key must be saved to a secure location for use with the issued certificate. Do not lose it! Your certificate is of no use without the corresponding private key.
  7. The CSR file is generated.
  8. Click OK to confirm the notice about CSR generated.
  9. Now your private key and CSR file are ready to use. If you already have your SSL Certificate and just need to install it (see SSL Certificate Installation Instructions).