Configuring active directory groups

We were recently asked by a user if CompleteFTP could treat active directory groups like users, so that each group has its own home directory and associated settings.

Adding New Authenticators

Yes, this can be done by adding new authenticators - configurable plugins. Currently, Windows users when they login without being explicitly set up in CompleteFTP are subject to the Automatic Windows User settings. Each user after logging in is assigned the properties of a template user, in this case a system user called defaultWindows. You can view system users and other settings by selecting the icon at the bottom left of the CompleteFTP manager application, and choosing "Show system users/folders/sites".

What we need to do is add extra authenticators which are based on different users, each with their own settings. Here's how to do that:

Go to the Extensions panel of the CompleteFTP manager and do the following:

  1. Click Add extension
  2. Select .NET extension and Authentication
  3. Navigate to the Windows directory, C:\Program Files (x86)\Complete FTP\Server
  4. Select CompleteFTPServer.dll and click OK
  5. Select EnterpriseDT.Net.FtpServer.Extensions.AWU.AWUAuthenticator and click OK
  6. Give it a suitable name
  7. Select the Users panel
  8. Click General user settings

You should now see your new authenticator listed. Each of these authenticators can be configured to allow a particular active directory group and you can set up a separate 'log in as' user for each, which will allow you to specify things like home directories and protocols separately.

There are more details in the User Guide here.