The CompleteFTP roadmap for 2015

CompleteFTP, our secure FTP server for Windows, has quite a long development history, and has undergone considerable change since its inception. HTTP support, clustering, a multi-protocol gateway, file sharing and custom extensions are just some of the key features added in the last few years.

But what of the future? What can CompleteFTP users expect from 2015?

Last year we did a customer survey, and this year we're talking to as many of our customers as possible to find out what they would like added, and what should be improved. If you have any feedback you'd like to share with us, please email us.

Based on existing feedback, these are the features we are either working on currently or have planned for 2015.

  1. System events, included scheduled events. A system event includes events such as the server starting, or perhaps an autoban being added. Scheduled events are the equivalent of cron jobs.
  2. User-based IP filtering. This is for restricting users to logging in from particular IP addresses (or ranges of addresses.
  3. Improved file-sharing. We plan to continue to improve CompleteBox, our file-sharing client that works with CompleteFTP (which includes a free license so you can use it now. We welcome any suggestions you may have.

Of course, we will also be releasing minor updates of CompleteFTP during the year that include bugfixes and small enhancements - for example 8.1.5 has just been released (19 January).

We'll also be releasing our customer portal this year, which will enable our customers to better manage their licenses and renewals.

Posted by John Faulds in