Activating CompleteFTP Free

CompleteFTP Free Edition will remain fully operational for 30 days from installation without being activated. Activating CompleteFTP Free costs nothing and requires only a valid e-mail address.

To activate open CompleteFTP Manager, select the Licensing tab and click the 'activate for free' link:


You will then be asked if you already have an account with EnterpriseDT. If you don't then click 'No'.

The User Registration form will now be displayed:


Enter your e-mail address, first name, last name and (optionally) your company name, then click 'Request verification code'.

Now go to your e-mail client and wait a short while until the verification e-mail arrives. This message contains your verification code, which consists of a few lower- and upper-case letters. Copy it into the last field of the verification code field and click 'Register'. After a few seconds your installation of CompleteFTP Free will be complete.

You will now also receive an e-mail containing your user-name and your license ID. You can use the same license ID to register CompleteFTP Free on an unlimited number of machines, as long as you retain your user-name and have access to the same e-mail address (for setting and resetting your password).

You can also use this account if you decide to purchase a technical support agreement or upgrade to a higher edition of CompleteFTP in future.

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