TLS 1.3 added to edtFTPnet/PRO

The latest release of edtFTPnet/PRO, version 12.0.0, has added TLS 1.3, the latest standard for internet security protocols. TLS 1.3 not only brings enhanced security but also faster, more efficient encrypted communications. TLS 1.3 eradicates outdated cipher suites and algorithms that were in the older versions, thus strengthening the security landscape.

In addition, we've fixed an issue with loading the known_hosts file for RSA 256 and RSA 512 host keys. We've also fixed a bug which prevented PuTTY v 3 private keys from loading when they were unencrypted. Private keys should always be encrypted in production environments, but in test environments sometimes they are not. Finally, a user reported that the obfuscated assembly was hanging with .NET 7. We've upgraded our obfuscator to a .NET 7 compatible version.

You can download the trial from here.