SyncBack Integration


SyncBack Pro/SE (v9+) now backs up faster to CompleteFTP than other FTP/SFTP servers. It does this by taking advantage of the folder-tree (a.k.a. recursive) listings feature introduced in CompleteFTP 12.1. Other servers require SyncBack to download a separate listing for each folder in a folder-tree, which is time-consuming, but CompleteFTP is able to provide these listings in a single download operation.

To enable this speed-up:

  1. Open the Folders panel.
  2. Right-click on the folder that SyncBack backs up to.
  3. Select properties from the menu.
  4. Expand the Details category
  5. Check the Folder-tree file checkbox
  6. Click Apply Changes

Once this is done, a file named _treeList.json will appear in listings of this folder. SyncBack will notice this and use it to list all subfolders instead of listing them one-by-one.