New release of CompleteFTP

Version 22.1.1 is out this week.

In this post we explain the improvements in CompleteFTP since 22.0, which include some important security enhancements. 22.0 itself was an important release, as CompleteFTP became a 64 bit Windows application, giving it access to much more memory and potentially increasing its performance. We also replaced the SQL Compact configuration database with a SQLite database for maintainability and future portability.

22.1.0 added support for ssh-256-rsa and ssh-512-rsa algorithms in host key authentication for SFTP. The RSA keys themselves are unchanged, but RSA signatures for these algorithms use SHA-2 rather than SHA-1, which is much more secure. However, 22.1.0 did not support these algorithms for user key authentication, only host key authentication. 22.1.1 adds support for ssh-256-rsa and ssh-512-rsa algorithms in user key authentication (and fixes a bug in the host key implementation as well!). 22.1.1 also fixes a security vulnerability in HTTPS. There's also a new format for PuTTY private keys, version 3. This is supported from 22.1.0 onwards.

A useful new feature in 22.1.1 is recursive search in the web-based File Manager. You can now search an entire folder and its subdirectories. 22.1.1 also fixes an infinite loop in the gateway that occurred if the remote file is truncated during transfer.

We are also adding support for other languages in the CompleteFTP manager. Japanese is mostly supported now, and we plan to add support for Spanish and German in the near future.